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Remote combat vehicles to punch as hard as Abrams tanks, says expert

Within five years, the Army would like to start testing remote combat vehicle prototypes which are unmanned, as light and as fast as a Stryker, but provide the same level of firepower as an M-1 Abrams tank, said Maj. Alan L. Stephens. Stephens, an Acquisition Corps officer at the Mounted Requirements Division of the U.S.

Next Generation Combat Vehicle must be effective in megacities, FORSCOM commander

The likelihood is high that the Army won’t get to pick the time and place of its choosing for the next battle, said Gen. Robert Abrams. But it’s likely that the next battle will take place in a megacity, said Abrams, commander of U.S. Army Forces Command. He spoke, Nov. 30, here during the Future

101st Airborne Division fields US Army’s new modular handgun system

The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) is the first unit to receive the Army’s new Modular Handgun System that began fielding the M17 and M18 pistols, Nov 28. “This is another 101st first,” said Maj. Gen. Andrew P. Poppas, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) commander. “Our 75-year legacy is full of landmark moments like this.”

Live-Fire Exercises Conducted by PLA Base in Djibouti

The Djibouti Logistics Support Base of the People’s Liberation Army conducted a live-fire exercise on Thursday with its heavy-duty weapons, according to the Chinese military. Several wheeled tank destroyers and wheeled infantry fighting vehicles from the base in the Horn of Africa took part in the exercise at a local shooting range and fired dozens