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Robots to autocomplete Soldier tasks, new study suggests

Smart phones autocorrect in texting, search engines autocomplete queries, and mapping applications redirect navigation in real-time to avoid slowed traffic. These ubiquitous AI-based technologies adapt to everyday needs and learn user habits by focusing on making the algorithm better, but Army researchers want to enhance AI by providing more information about the intent of the […]

US Army FY20 budget proposal realigns $30 billion

The Army is slated to release its fiscal year 2020 budget request on March 12, which will include the realignment of nearly $30 billion over the next five years to improve readiness and better support the Army’s six modernization priorities. “We’ve been very consistent about where we’re trying to take the Army … by 2028,” […]

Japan’s Okinawa to vote on controversial US base move

Okinawa (Japan): Residents of Japan’s Okinawa go to the polls Sunday in a closely watched referendum on the controversial relocation of a US military base to a remote part of the island. The vote is seen as highly symbolic but is also non-binding, raising questions about what effect it will have, even if opponents of […]

Sexual assaults rise at US military academies: report

The number of sexual assaults at America’s military academies rose by almost 50 percent over the past two years, despite extensive efforts to combat the problem, a Pentagon report said Thursday. About 12,900 cadets attend the Army, Navy and Air Force academies that train future officers to lead America’s vast military. Every other year, they […]