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Covid-19: Nearly 100,000 catching virus every day - study

Covid-19 infections are doubling every nine days and the UK is at a “critical stage”, a major analysis estimates.

Covid: Lockdowns return as Europe confronts second wave

Two of the continent's biggest economies impose strict restrictions amid dire warnings over Covid-19.

Rhodes parasailing accident: Two British teenagers die and one injured

A boy, 15, was also injured when the rope holding their parachute snapped, the Greek coastguard says.

US Election 2020: Trump slams lockdowns, Biden accuses him of insulting victims

The president says Mr Biden will cancel family gatherings, while the Democrat pledges to follow science.

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BBC news for Kent

Covid-19 'leaves 500 Scout groups at risk of closure'

Social distancing has ended fundraising activities like jumble sales, the Scout Association says.

How many migrant children cross the English Channel?

Two children died after a migrant boat sank on Tuesday - but how many make the perilous journey?

Channel migrants: Kurdish-Iranian family died after boat sank

Relatives are "desperate" for news of the youngest child, a baby, after a boat bound for the UK sank.

Tracey Emin reveals she has had cancer operation

The 57-year-old says a tumour was found in her bladder in the spring and she is now in remission.